Neonful are proud partners with the environmental organisation Ecology. We support climate positive projects by contributing to the planting of forests with every purchase from us.

See below for detailed information about our signs

All our signs come with holes for hanging with either screws and steel wires, so it rarely takes professional help to hang our signs.

The acrylic plate is not very visible when the sign is lit and up against a wall. The sign has a 1,5 meter transparent power cable (can be made longer if you contact us)

Since all our signs are made in LED neon flex, they use very little power, release almost no heat, and are very durable. The LED has a lifetime of 50,000+ hours. In addition, our signs are also significantly less expensive than traditional glass tube neon signs.

Each sign (custom made or existing design) comes standard with dimmer function (adjust brightness up/down and on/off button). We also offer a remote control for your sign that can be used to dim the light (or make it brighter), turn it on/off remotely and set the light to flash/glow in multiple patterns - great for controlling your sign and making it suit every situation - party, chill, moody etc. The remote can be purchased here or via the pop up that appears when you add a product to your basket.

When ordering outdoor signs, it will be sealed with silicone and end pieces so that it is waterproof.

Please note that signs of 100cm or more comes in 2 parts or more, otherwise they are too fragile and shipping costs would be astronomical

If you order a custom made sign, you also have the option to choose whether the acrylic plate should be square or cut to the design (we also offer to make the plate completely round, please send us a request / email if you have special wishes).


We make all signs to order by hand. As we never compromise on the quality of each sign, production takes 2-3 weeks. You can opt for Priority Production which moves your order right to the front of the queue and often gets it dispatched in as little as a week


We ship 95% of signs with PostNord (Scandinavian shipping company), it takes 1-5 business days. In a few cases, if the sign is very large we use private couriers such as FedEx, DHL or UPS (also 1-5 business days delivery time).

Yes! The LED neon material we use has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours from the manufacturer (about 10 years in normal use). All signs are made of transparent acrylic backplate and with neutral colored silicone neon flex so that the sign is as invisible as possible in daylight. Our warranty covers your sign for 2 years, so should you have some kind of problem with it, we will simply send you a new one.
Our neon signs produce relatively no heat, are made of silicone material, so they are almost unbreakable, energy efficient and very cheap compared to traditional glass tube neon.

Yes, we can produce waterproof versions for outdoor events and outdoor permanent installation. Please indicate that you want a waterproof sign for outdoor use when filling out the order request

Each sign is handmade, so the normal production time is 2-3 weeks, however, sometimes delays can happen due to unforeseen delays in production, we only send your sign when we can stand 100% behind the quality and finish of the sign. This applies to all signs as we make all to order. When your sign is finished, shipping takes 1-5 business days depending on your exact location.

Our LED neon signs are only 12V (but come with a 230V converter for your outlet), so they run at a much lower voltage than traditional neon. Due to the low voltage, no heat is generated on the outer surface, even after being switched on for many hours.

Most neon signs we provide are for indoor use and come mounted on a transparent acrylic plate (making them easily portable), complete with a normal power connector, which can be plugged into an ordinary outlet. The sign can either be hung on the wall, hung in a chain/string or placed on an even surface. Neon signs for permanent outdoor use or very large neon signs require special installation which we can help with if you contact us before booking.

The wire from the neon sign to the power connector is a total of 3 meters long.

LED is one of the most energy-efficient lights you can get, using for example 4-5 times less power than halogen, and even less than classic glass neon.

A typical LED neon sign one metre wide uses about 80 watts per hour, and converted into dollars and cents we're talking about about 40 cents per hour at today's prices (6/9/22). The amount varies of course with the size of the LED neon sign, and the evolution of electricity prices.

On the website of the Danish Energy Agency you can calculate your consumption and get advice on your lighting: Link to the Danish Energy Agency


We offer a 12 month warranty on materials & crafts on all our neon signs. However, this does not include damage caused by improper installation or physical damage during use.

We send either with PostNord, DHL, GLS or DAO depending on which country you order from and the size of your sign.

Our custom-made neon signs start from just 1000 DKK/€130. The price varies depending on sign size and design complexity. Use our neon designer product page to get a price, or email our team at

You can order directly on our custom neon product page, otherwise you can also email our team at and we will help you through the process! :)

All signs are custom made, so unfortunately we do not accept returns (unless there is an error or the sign is broken of course). All our products have a 2-year full warranty.

To request a return please contact us at:
Please provide order number when sending email regarding your return.

Please note that from sending a return order to it has been received and processed, it can take 6-9 working days. Refunding money can take 2-3 business days depending on bank and payment method.


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Looking for something even more bespoke/custom (Logo, own design, pictures, referrencer, etc.)? Click below and fill out the form, then we'll get back to you as soon as possible and help you create the sign of your dreams!

We can do EVERYTHING in neon, if your desired design is not just text, click HERE and fill out the contact form and our designer will make a graphical mockup of your design (free!)

Beautiful, insanely personal, high quality, handmade and at the best price on the market!

Unleash your creativity and design the neon atmosphere that turns any room into a utopia. Available between 50cm and 300cm in size, and in 12 amazing different colours.


Made of durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip with acrylic backplate - the sign comes standard with a 1.5 metre transparent power cord and power supply for standard socket.

The LED neon strip we use has a lifespan of 50.000+ hours from the manufacturer (about 10 years in normal use). Our warranty covers your sign for 2 years, so should you happen to experience any kind of problem with it, we'll simply send you a replacement.


50 cm * max. 6 letters per Line *

75 cm * max. 9 letters per Line *

100 cm * max. 12 letters per Line *

150 cm * max. 18 letters per Line *

200 cm * max. 24 letters per Line *

250 cm * max. 30 letters per Line *

300 cm * max. 36 letters per Line *

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