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We compensate with trees

Production abroad and shipping to Denmark has long been a bit of a stumbling block for us, although our signs often contribute positively when replacing old and far more power-consuming light signs.

That's why we've been looking for a workable model to compensate for the environmental footprint we make at Neonful. And that's why we've now partnered with climate organisation Ecology, which means that every purchase from us lands a donation towards planting trees at Ecology.

The number of trees depends on the size of the order, but on average 10 trees will be planted for every order with us.

Read more here about Neonful's climate offset here


Wooden panels x LED neon are a match

Wooden panels with sound insulation are a really hot product, and Wood Upp is one of the largest manufacturers of the panels in Denmark. They of course have a Neonful LED neon sign up on the wall. And they're not the only ones, because it's a perfect match! Read more about neon and wood panels.


Get your facade signage in LED neon

Facade signs in LED neon are an inexpensive and very eye-catching form of facade signage, and we at Neonful have gradually made quite a few different individual solutions. It's easy and simple, and we will of course make a good-looking design proposal with the right facade as a background. Read more here about facade signs in LED neon.


Extended warranty at Neonful

We provide a two-year warranty for both residential and commercial customers. And we don't argue whether a defect is now also a defect from the start. Read more about Extended warranty at Neonful.


Neon signs on plant walls

Green plant walls with LED neon signs are cool at the moment. We get many requests and make many free design suggestions for just that combination, and it's something that works. We have made many solutions for offices, shops and events, where plant walls form the background for our neon signs. Read more about plant walls with LED neon.


LED neon signs are perfect in the cinema

In connection with the Atlas Cinemas' major modernisation, where luxury was the focus, Neonful supplied a whole range of different neon signs. Both neon signs as signposts and as mood creators, and the result was fantastic. We're proud to have been able to contribute to a truly amazing cinema experience. Read more about LED neon cinema signs.


Get a logo sign in neon

We have a lot of customers who want a logo sign with LED neon lights, because it is both a nice signage and because LED neon adds life, dynamics and enhances the logo impression. At Neonful we can make both outdoor signs with logo lights, and of course the indoor LED neon logo signs. In all cases, the process is the same: We receive the logo material, and then our design department goes to work on a delicious mockup - it typically takes a day or less to arrive at a starting point for ordering or further processing. Read more about LED neon logo signs here.


LED neon logo signs at Con Maz

At Con Maz and its neighbour Vecino Vinbar, the pleasures of the table are paramount. We have supplied a whole range of LED neon signs with their logos for the stores, and they create a dynamic and modern expression that plays perfectly with the cosy and rustic premises next to Godsbanen in Aarhus. Read the story about Con Maz and their LED neon signs from Neonful here.


Is LED neon now also real neon?

We are sometimes accused of being misleading when we call our signs LED neon signs. After all, neon is a noble gas, and an element in the periodic table, while LED is something else entirely! We now use the term used worldwide when describing signs with LED lights with a neon effect. Read a bit more about LED neon here.


Nameplates for the children's room in LED neon

Upgrading children's rooms is in full swing. We receive many inquiries and orders from only those who want to order a neon sign for the children's room. It can either be one of the many pre-designed signs we sell, but most typically they are neon name signs to light up the youngest boys' room. Read about LED neon for the children's room here.


How does it work with RGB neon?

RGB neon is the term for neon signs where you can choose and switch between all possible neon colours. See our small demo about RGB neon here.

10.8.2022: TRUSTPILOT

We have the most reviews, and by far the best

Neonful is the only Danish LED neon retailer that can boast the coveted five stars on Trustpilot. And not only do we have the best TrustScore, we actually have five times as many reviews as the next best. Read more about satisfied customers at Neonful here.


Window signs in neon from Neonful

Many customers ask for signs they can hang in their facade windows. LED neon signs, either logo signs, or signs with texts on them work great with the transparent backplate and the neon light. More about LED neon signs for windows here.


Liga Latina with neon lights in the backdrop

Liga Latina is a Scandinavian band with a Caribbean heritage. They wanted to have a special LED neon sign for their concerts and we are happy to have a very nice and five star cooperation with the band! See the whole the story here.


See how Wohlenberg Chefs Deli signs with LED neon

Wohlenberg Chefs Deli is a specialty shop with high quality delicatessen, gastro equipment and more. They wanted LED neon signage that could maintain the same quality and be eye-catching at the same time. See more about the special LED neon signs here.


Neonful reaches five stars on Trustpilot

Our trust score is now a whopping 4.8 out of 5, and we've earned the coveted five full stars. We're proud of our many happy and satisfied customers, really! See more about Neonful at the top of Trustpilot here.


Check out our new spot

Many of our customers come from Facebook and Instagram. We've made a new clip about the benefits of being a Neonful customer


How much power does LED neon use?

LED neon is significantly more power efficient than traditional neon, so as well as being a cheaper and more durable product, it is also much cheaper to run. Read more about power consumption of LED neon signs here.


Drawings to Light with Michael Ahlefeldt

We've had a fantastic collaboration with count, estate owner and artist Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille. His CoBrA inspired ballpoint pen drawings have been transformed into truly high quality LED neon artworks. Read about Michael Ahlefeldt's neon art here.


Neon signs for Greenland. Nuuk Eventhouse.

Nuuk Eventhouse has received a number of nice LED neon signs from us. Delivery to Greenland is by ship, and is VAT-free, so it's no problem to ship up there from our warehouse in Aarhus. We thank Nuuk Eventhouse for the great cooperation, and the five stars on Trustpilot. Read more about LED neon signs for Greenland here.